Background Information About Me

Hello, I am Lanny Berlingieri and have been born and raised in Northeast Ohio in the Akron area. I attended The University of Akron for undergrad, earning my Bachelor's of Science in Accounting (Fall 2006-Fall 2009). 2010 was then approaching quickly and I had to decide on what I was planning to do in the middle of my last semester. I have a full-time offer with Crowe Horwath starting September 2011, which gave me around 21 months in b/w graduating and starting. I therefore took the GMAT and began taking graduate courses this semester (January 2010) towards an MBA in Finance.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Semester of Grad School Over as of 5/5/2010

End of 1st Semester
-WHOA.  Really?  Wait, did 16 weeks just go by?  Oh, okay.  Yes, everyone, the first semester of Graduate School had wrapped up for me last week on Wednesday the 5th of May after turning in my final and last paper for Capital Budgeting.

-I love graduate school.  Not only are you taking courses that are to your liking, that you have interest in taking (heck, at around $500 per credit hour, it better be something I want to learn about!), but you are surrounded by like minded individuals and you experience more freedom than one could imagine in terms of more available time, freedom in assignments and paper and the like.  Thank you UA for providing this aspect for me, it is much appreciative.  One thing, I want to be Challenged a tad more.  I feel that I wasn't pushed rarely at all.  I want to feel that my back is against the ropes.  I want to feel pressure in a class.  I really didn't receive any of that, but I guess that is because this is more individual based and the pushing is up to the student not the professor.

Our minds are definitely more advanced than most, no disrespect please to anyone, but there are reasons why we are in this type of education curriculum.  My mind has changed, grown, adapted tremendously these last 4.5 months, words cannot even begin to describe it.  The different points of views that I take any little statement from is making my head spin, finding opportunities in everything is relentless, and my eagerness to learn more is at a height that I have never experienced.

-I have read 9 books, as of recently, outside of the classroom at my own will.  I think I read one book at will my 3.5 years in undergrad.
-Investment Analysis - all the students (about 35-40) gave presentations on the company/stock they believe would be a good move to invest into, our reasonings and explanations of course, to which we voted on afterwards on the top 3.  My investment company I presented (and I actually did invest) won 1st place in voting.
-Went to Chicago with the present and upcoming Beta Alpha Psi offers = Incredible
-Finished another year of coaching High Jump track for Holy Family in Stow
-Leadership course has opened up my eyes more and my desire to experience many different activities in life and help develop myself more into a "leader", more on how to live life in general as well.
-Capital Budgeting was a great course.  Along with this course and many books, it is all about cash flow, in this course we focused mainly on discounted cash flows to valuate companies.  Cash Flow IS KEY.
-I received a 3.91 GPA for my first semester as a grad student, had to throw that in there!
-Made many new friends, have really found some peers that are interested in learning and taking action into what I also want to do = phenomenal when you have that type of synergy.

-I have a L.E.A.P course that is Friday/Saturday from 9AM - 430 PM with Dr Thomas.  Will be a fast credit hour.
-Another LEAP course on June 4th & 5th, similar to above times, topic is SAP
-Summer course from 6/21 - 7/22 for Operations Management, 3 credit hours
-Final LEAP course on July 17th and 24th for another credit hour.
-Total 6 Credit hours in 20 actual days of class = VERY Rapid Paced.
-Going to San Jose with Ian, Mo, Kristian (BAP Officers) for our national meeting in August

Final Words
-Thank you to my friends, family, UA staff and other departments for helping me, following me on here and guiding me along this path.  I can't wait to knock some more books and credit hours out and really focus on some planning in terms of business ventures and the like.  Lets just say the next 7 months should be another life alternating time period for me, I believe.  Of course, I will keep everyone updated!
-Big shout out to my friends that are graduating this semester = Congratulations everyone, you all have worked so hard and made many proud, keep it up and stay focused on your goals.  Shout out to David and Robbie Stein & the Stein family, our prayers are continually with you.  Until next time, enjoy all your summers, enjoy the start of a new career, enjoy the approach of higher education and enjoy every second that we have.  Don't Count the days, Make the Days Count.

-Lanny B