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Hello, I am Lanny Berlingieri and have been born and raised in Northeast Ohio in the Akron area. I attended The University of Akron for undergrad, earning my Bachelor's of Science in Accounting (Fall 2006-Fall 2009). 2010 was then approaching quickly and I had to decide on what I was planning to do in the middle of my last semester. I have a full-time offer with Crowe Horwath starting September 2011, which gave me around 21 months in b/w graduating and starting. I therefore took the GMAT and began taking graduate courses this semester (January 2010) towards an MBA in Finance.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

End of the 7th Week! 14 Days Until Spring Break

Heyy Everyone!  Wow.  Wow.  7 Weeks done for me already?  Someone wake me up because I don't believe it!  Today I wake up with only 8 weeks of school left for the semester.  Countdowns from today are: 14 Days Until Spring Break, 29 Days Until Chicago (BAP Regional meeting), 68 Days Until the Semester is over.  Incredible!

In my Strategic Marketing Management course, I received my test back.  The average for the class was an 88% and the high score was a 94%.  I was average.  I received an 88%, I aced the essay portion with 100% - had to do with the Business Model and how it relates to a certain company that we focused on in the beginning of the course.  The Multiple Choice, however, not so well - receiving an 80% on that section and that was the majority of the grade.  An 88% isn't bad because pair that with a 100% from my first paper - I have earned 45.2% of my grade so far with a total max of 50% left that I can earn.  So, if I do the same on my next exam and report, I will finish the course with a 90.4%, HOWEVER, the next exam will be heavily weighted on the essay portion, which I do better, so I hope to achieve higher than that.  Overall, not bummed, but not extremely pleased - there is still much more that I could have done to better prepare myself.  You learn from mistakes and from practice, that is all that one can do.

I have an assignment due Sunday night at 8pm for Leadership with an Economic Analysis due Tuesday for Investment Analysis course.  I will be pretty busy these next few days working on those assignments, but the distraction of this computer, as I have stated, is insane.

How does it feel to be 7 weeks done as a graduate student, as I asked myself?  Well, it feels strange because normally, one would go to class, come home and study etc.  Now, I wake up, study and do homework and then go to class - it's in reverse order.  So let's say that you woke up every day and ate breakfast, but instead you wake up and eat dinner - it's going to be an adjustment that your mind and body have to get used to.  I feel as though time is of the essence as that is ONE thing that man/woman cannot control - it is out of one's grasp, therefore you need to be both effective and efficient.

Anyone have any plans for spring break coming up?  I am going to chicago the weekend after so I am excited about that - maybe get some of the chi-style deep dish pizza?  Hope everyone's semesters and lives are going well and I wish you a great weekend!  I will post again soon.

-Lanny B.

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