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Hello, I am Lanny Berlingieri and have been born and raised in Northeast Ohio in the Akron area. I attended The University of Akron for undergrad, earning my Bachelor's of Science in Accounting (Fall 2006-Fall 2009). 2010 was then approaching quickly and I had to decide on what I was planning to do in the middle of my last semester. I have a full-time offer with Crowe Horwath starting September 2011, which gave me around 21 months in b/w graduating and starting. I therefore took the GMAT and began taking graduate courses this semester (January 2010) towards an MBA in Finance.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Exam as a Graduate Student in 6 Hours

My first exam countdown has begun.  About 6 hours from now I will be in my seat, waiting, nervously and anxiously, to see what the heck is going to be on this exam.  The exam, our professor said, will be an easier format to break us in - 35 Multiple Choice and 2 Essays.  Pretty Fair if you ask me.  Multiple Choice I feel will be easy, just simply breaking them down, eliminating the wrong ones and increasing the % chance of choosing the right one is my philosophy.  I have studied off and on the past 3 days, and feel that there is not much more I can do, but of course I will go over everything 1-2 more times.  The reason why there isn't much more is because of this:
It is my professor's last semester before retirement, he didn't require any textbook for the course and most of our notes are from 2 power point presentations, 2 word documents and about 4 articles.  I point this out because there isn't THAT much information to cover and a great deal of it isn't common knowledge but I feel you can work your way through most of it.

I am feeling, on a 1-10 scale (10 feeling incredible), about a 7.  7, because I am not sure exactly what is going to be on this exam, what is going to be the essays etc.  But with 35 multiple choice questions I hope to get at a minimum of 30 correct, which is about 86% right, and if luck goes my way - a minimum of 33 would be ideal. 

The essay I just need to read the question that is asked.  Many times students simply read the essay, forgetting what they ask and just start writing information that isn't relevant to answer the question.  In business you need to be precise and to the point.  I will answer the question that is asked to the best of my ability.

After the exam, I have capital budgeting.  We are going to do a new section that isn't covered in the book.  We need to have our financial calculators today but guess what - I am pretty sure I lost mine in that very classroom last Wednesday, FML.  I will ask my professor if he had seen one laying around last week, and if not - I will buy one on eBay for about $9, but long math will be the route it looks like today : (

I will post after my exam to let everyone know how it went!  Wish me luck and thanks for reading!  Anyone else have any tests/exams/projects due this week?  Feel free to post below and talk about them!  Thanks!

-Lanny B.

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