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Hello, I am Lanny Berlingieri and have been born and raised in Northeast Ohio in the Akron area. I attended The University of Akron for undergrad, earning my Bachelor's of Science in Accounting (Fall 2006-Fall 2009). 2010 was then approaching quickly and I had to decide on what I was planning to do in the middle of my last semester. I have a full-time offer with Crowe Horwath starting September 2011, which gave me around 21 months in b/w graduating and starting. I therefore took the GMAT and began taking graduate courses this semester (January 2010) towards an MBA in Finance.

Monday, February 22, 2010

First Monday Night Class - Leadership!

Hey Everyone!  How was the weekend?  Mine was pretty good, despite the Cavs losing yesterday to Orlando, but that's another story!  I am here to talk about my First Monday Night class tonight! - Leadership.
Last night, I went through the introduction section of the book he posted online, my professor actually wrote it, and it seems like it is going to an amazing class!  He talks about starting to become a leader begins with what is inside YOU, how you are as a person, your characteristics, values and integrity.  He wants us to find why people would follow us, where we would lead them, how we would lead them, why the trust us etc.  Pretty riveting stuff if you ask me, not going to lie, I became excited to lead a group to one common goal - it just makes sense and it would feel great!  He actually had a great Warren Buffet quote, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and 5 minutes to lose it” <-- How true is that?  I thought it was great and was pretty relevant to the class and this post.  The class is only 1 credit hour, meeting from 8:10 - 10:40 PM for 5 weeks, we have a report due this Sunday, another one due in a few weeks and a final presentation on the last class day. 

Next up - I have an Investment Analysis test tomorrow over six chapters, not too shabby.  I started to read my notes on the chapters two days ago and I seem to know a lot about it - I am not too sure what format the exam will be in, I guess I'll find out tomorrow night!!  I also have an Economic Analysis due the following Tuesday, which I need to begin writing as soon as I complete the exam.  That report should be pretty interesting, as the stock market ended on a good note last Friday and the FRB provided a little more relief, again, that is a whole different story : ).   Okay, well if it is off to study more Investment analysis, I hope to post tonight but it may be pretty late, so I possibly may leave it for after my exam tomorrow!  We shall see!  Anyone else taking a one credit course or are being taught important courses to become a valuable member of society? I am sure you are - you just don't know it yet!  Talk to you soon.

-Lanny B. 

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